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Pasta & Meat Sauce

Our pasta & meat sauce meal tastes as authentically delicious as what you had for Sunday dinner growing up. And it has all the same wholesome ingredients—al dente pasta, rich tomato sauce, sauteed onions, hearty cooked beef, parmesan cheese. Mmmmm...is it lunch yet?!

  • 10g of protein

  • Beef from cows raised without antibiotics

  • RBsT-free cheese

  • No added sugars, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors

  • Minimally processed

  • BPA-free pouch

  • Lower in saturated fat

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 Make it a meal

Freeli’s nutritionist created these menus for our Pasta & Meat Sauce LunchPouch
so it’s blissfully easy to pack a nutritionally complete lunch for your kid.


Menu 1

Graham crackers (4 squares)

A handful of almonds

Apple (1 medium)

Carrot sticks (1/2 cup)

Menu 2

Whole grain cheese crackers (about ½ cup)

Low fat fruit flavored yogurt (6 oz)

Grapes (1 cup)