We’re changing the healthy lunch game. Forever. (Whoa.)

 At Freeli, we believe a healthy lunch shouldn’t take hours to make, cost a bunch of money, or taste so blah kids toss it in the trash on their way out to recess.

So we’ve created the first wholesome, yummy and budget-friendly meal-in-a-pouch. Kids go absolutely crazy for the flavors. Parents write us love letters about how much easier it makes their mornings. Want in on all this awesomeness?

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On a mission to make lunch healthier for every kid.

You’ve probably heard the statistics. Almost 20% of kids in the US are obese. And overweight kids have a 70% chance of becoming overweight or obese adults. Much of the problem comes from the junk kids eat that gets called “lunch.”

At Freeli, we say enough is enough. We’re on a mission to make it easier and more delicious for kids to eat real food for lunch again. Farewell fake flavors. So long processed cheese products. Sayonara sugar water posing as juice. And best of all, goodbye to the guilt of a less-than-awesome meals for your kids.


 13 million kids in America won’t have enough food to eat this weekend.


Image: © Barbara Grover for MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger


Giving back: Blessings in a Backpack

Most people can’t wait for the weekend. But kids who are at risk of hunger can’t wait for the weekend to be over. And though we’ve worked hard to make our products as cost-conscious as possible, we know not every family can afford to Freeli. That’s why we partner with organizations like Blessings in a Backpack that work to help kids who are at risk of hunger.