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Mac ‘n’ Cheese

This totally amazing mac ‘n’ cheese is the lunch meal you’ve been looking for. It’s made with farm-fresh, super-creamy cheddar and American cheeses, little pasta tubes, and a whole lot of love.

  • 14g of protein

  • rBST-free cheese

  • No added sugars, artificial preservatives, flavors or colors

  • Minimally processed

  • BPA-free pouch

  • Lower in saturated fat

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 Make it a Meal

Freeli’s nutritionist created these menus for our Mac ‘n’ Cheese LunchPouch
so it’s blissfully easy to pack a nutritionally complete lunch for your kid.


Menu 1

Graham crackers (4 squares)

Pear (1 medium)

Snap peas (1/2 cup)

Menu 2

Carrots (1/2 cup) and hummus (2 tbsp)

Dried cranberries (1/4 cup)

A handful of almonds