Making kids lunches is a pain in the ...

You love your kids. We get it; we love ours, too. But let’s face it: figuring out their lunch—day after day after day—is the pits.

Freeli changes everything. Every heat-and-eat LunchPouch™ we make is filled with wholesome, chunky, super-kid-friendly meals like the ones you make in your own kitchen except there’s no mess on the stove. No stress. No yucky Thermos® to clean. You’re finally free! You might even have time to stop for a latté on the way to work. How awesome would that be?


Yummy, wholesome grab-n-go meals

Fiesta Bowl

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Pasta & Meat Sauce

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Mac ‘n’ Cheese

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Noodles Chicken & Veggies

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The power of the pouch

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 It’s so easy to Freeli

From hungry to happy in just 45 seconds!


Freeli Now

Heat up the pouch for 45 seconds & eat!


Freeli Later

Pop the heated pouch in a Thermos® & go!


We’re on a mission to make healthy lunches the norm, not the exception.

It’s high time every kid had access to a healthy lunch that they’ll actually eat and that their parents don’t spend every waking moment preparing. That’s why we’re here.




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